Clean workbench for data recovery

Introduction to Ultra Clean Workbench Ranch The ultra-clean bench is a facility that provides a sterile, dust-free operating environment for laboratory work to protect the experiment from the external environment while providing some degree of protection to the external environment from pollution and protecting the operator. Compared with the simple aseptic cover, the clean bench […]

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Data recovery question

Shenzhen OROD Data Recovery Center provides free data recovery customer Q & A consultation. TEL / Wechat / Whatsapp: 86-1378667812 Q: What is data recovery? Answer: Data recovery uses various methods to repair lost data from damaged or inaccessible magnetic and optical media. The application of technology is complex and often takes a long time […]

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Mobile phone data recovery

With the development and popularization of mobile devices such as mobile phones, it has become a carrier of a lot of important information (evidence). The operating system and hardware design of mobile devices are completely different from traditional hard disks. After the device or important information is damaged intentionally or unintentionally, how to safely extract […]

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hard drive data recovery

Hard drive does not recognize: Hardware data recovery mainly refers to the failure of hard disk head components, motors, circuit boards and their chip programs, and hard disk physical bad sectors (also called bad sectors). The most difficult part in hardware data recovery is the damage of the magnetic head assembly or the motor in […]

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USB drive memory card data recovery solution

Failure type: The drive chip or memory chip of the USB flash drive or memory card is damaged. Typical characteristics: 1.U disk or memory card does not respond when connected to the computer; After connecting the USB flash drive or memory card to the computer, you are prompted to format or insert a disk drive; […]

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