Hard drive data recovery

High success rate and low price hard drive data recovery service
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hard drive data recovery tool

The most advanced and comprehensive hard drive data recovery tool software

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Used hard drive wholesale

Cheap various models of old used hard drives wholesale
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Our experience and services

20 years hard drive data recovery experience, we provide all hard drive repairing and data recovery tools

Hard drive data Recovery Tools

Hard drive head exchange replacement tools, Hard drive test and repairing maching;

All WD unlock PCB logic board

We provide 2060-800065,2060-800066, 2060-800077, 2060-810011, unlock pcb board; 2060-800022-002 3tb/4tb pcb board;

All kinds of BGA socket for flash

LGA52, to Msata, TSOP48 to Msata, BGA152 to Msata, BGA100 to Msata, BGA224/272/316 to Msata adapter for pc3000 flash & Flash extractor

Sell Hard drive donor

We can provide all kinds of Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung 3.5 '' 2.5 '' 1.8 '' SAS hard disks donor to the world

All kinds of hard drive logic PCB

We sell all kinds of Seagate, WD, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung 3.5 '' 2.5 '' hard drive pcb board

Other auxiliary tools for Data recovery

Hard drive adapter, read/write ROM tools

Why Choose Us ?

High success rate service

We have many years of rich experience in hard drive data recovery, USB / FLASH / SD / CF data recovery, etc., we can serve you quickly with high success rate and low price.

Advanced tool software

We have the most hard drive data recovery tool global hard drive data tool software, such as PC-3000 Express,pc-3000 Flash, Flash Extractor, MRT, DFL and other original tools.

Data integrity protection

Years of confidential data recovery experience For the security of our information and data, we will sign confidentiality agreements with customers so that no critical data flows out..

Free consultation

We provide a 7X24-hour hard drive data recovery service. If the data is not restored successfully, there is no charge.

Brand Hard Drive Data Recovery

About Us

Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in data recovery and information security research. We have professional data recovery equipment: PC3000-UDMA + DE (Data Extractor) and licensed software from some foreign data recovery companies, standard “100-level” dust-free workbench, professional opening equipment, professional teams, and talents. We focus on hard drive opening, secondary opening data recovery technology, and disc scratches.

We support technology: hard disk opening data recovery; server RAID data recovery; select file system recovery; virtual platform (Vmware ESXi) data recovery; mobile phone data recovery; database repair; industrial computer equipment data recovery, etc. Our services: free data recovery consultation and assistance; free on-site detection of failures, quotation before recovery; guarantee data security, original disk read-only operation; sign a data recovery confidentiality agreement with customers; unsuccessful data recovery without any fees. Our service attitude: professional! Rigorous! Keep it secret!

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Data recovery question

Shenzhen OROD Data Recovery Center provides free data recovery customer Q & A consultation. TEL / Wechat / Whatsapp: 86-1378667812 1.Q: What is data recovery?Answer:

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Hard drive data recovery

Hard drive does not recognize: Hardware data recovery mainly refers to the failure of hard disk head components, motors, circuit boards and their chip programs,

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Mobile phone data recovery

With the development and popularization of mobile devices such as mobile phones, it has become a carrier of a lot of important information (evidence). The

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Clean workbench for data recovery

Introduction to Ultra Clean Workbench Ranch The ultra-clean bench is a facility that provides a sterile, dust-free operating environment for laboratory work to protect the

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Data Recovery Tool

Data recovery tool refers to the use of technical means through the tool to save the lost electronic data on the desktop hard drive, notebook

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