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Hard drive data recovery

Hard drive does not recognize:

Hardware data recovery mainly refers to the failure of hard disk head components, motors, circuit boards and their chip programs, and hard disk physical bad sectors (also called bad sectors). The most difficult part in hardware data recovery is the damage of the magnetic head assembly or the motor in the disk. An experienced hardware engineer must use a professional instrument in the dust-free work laboratory to open the disk and replace the accessories. Level data recovery has strict requirements for each link.

The current mainstream hard disk uses air-filled technology. It is not completely closed, but with 1-2 air filters, so its disks and magnetic heads are subject to certain air resistance.
The performance of hardware failure is: the hard drive does not turn or does not recognize the hard disk when it is powered on, and there is an abnormal sound (alarm that hits the disc when the power is turned on after the head is damaged), the hard disk information is wrong or the sector cannot be scanned normally. Usually caused by vibration, drop, unstable voltage, excessive bad tracks, aging head, chip burnout and other reasons. Zhi can be divided into the following categories:

Damaged head assembly / motor:

Damage of the magnetic head assembly / motor means that there is abnormal noise when the hard drive is powered on (commonly “click”), or regular bad tracks (indicating that one of the magnetic heads is damaged, and the sector in its control cannot be read). At this time, the recovery data must be opened by a hardware engineer in a class 100 clean room. First of all, we use a matching hard drive as an accessory disk to replace the head assembly or motor, and then use special equipment for head positioning and Operations such as disc cleaning, and finally using a hard disk copy machine with self-editing software to back up data. Generally, the entire process takes 3-5 hours. Open-level data repair is very strict on engineers and equipment, and it is also the most difficult problem in hardware failure.

The circuit board and its chip program are damaged:

Refers to an open / short circuit in a part of the circuit board of the hard disk, or damage to certain electrical components or IC chips, etc., which causes the disk to fail to rotate normally after the power is turned on, or the magnetic head cannot properly seek after the rotation. For a hard disk with a faulty circuit board, you need to test the disk body for a short circuit and the original configuration of the Bois. If you replace a good circuit board directly, the circuit board may be burned out immediately or data may be lost.

The sectors that record data information on the bottom layer cannot be read by the magnetic head, which causes the hard disk to malfunction. Hard drive use for a certain period of time or improper operation are the causes of bad sectors. Usually, the precursors of bad sectors are slower than the original, slow or slow down when entering the system, and individual files cannot be copied. At this time, a device with an amplification head read and write function is used to copy the bad sector, and then the logical structure of the mirror disk is reorganized to achieve the effect of data repair. The hard drive with zero-track bad can also be repaired with the above method, but it will take longer time. In addition, the hard disk capacity and the number of bad tracks will also affect the time required for repair. Generally, it takes 3 hours or more.

Missing firmware information, corrupted firmware:

The loss of firmware information and firmware damage refers to the loss or damage of the control program set on the hard disk by the manufacturer when it leaves the factory. Writing the firmware may cause data offset or bad sectors. Improper firmware rewriting may permanently lose data. Therefore, the technical experience of the engineer and the advanced requirements of the equipment are quite high.

Criteria for judging the opening service provider:

If it is determined that the hard disk needs to be opened for data acquisition, the customer must choose a service provider with sufficient protection in terms of equipment and technology to avoid complete data loss. After all, the success rate of the second opening is much lower than the first time, and the cost is higher. . Customers can determine whether the service provider has the conditions for opening according to the following criteria when selecting:

In terms of equipment, it must have an independent dust-free clean room, and at least open it in a class 100 dust-free clean environment, and it is best to see it as it is. Many data recovery companies in the market have stated that there is a clean room for opening. But in fact, it is rare to allow customers to visit.

In terms of technology, just like a critically ill person undergoing surgery, a senior data repair engineer has extensive experience in all aspects of hardware and logical failures to ensure that he can decisively and accurately determine how to rescue the data on the hard disk during operation, because, The chance may only be once, and many times a misoperation is enough to make the data back to life. The history and reputation of the data repair company is particularly important at this time.

In terms of time, in general, the actual working time for opening data is only 3-5 hours, because: First, excellent service providers have sufficient spare parts libraries. Unless special models of hard disks are available, spare parts are always available. ; Second, the service provider should have its own dust-free laboratory for opening at any time. Third, after the opening, there is a dedicated hard disk drive / software-assisted mirroring data.

Therefore, those data repair companies that explain the opening of the market for a week or more than a month for different reasons are likely to belong to middlemen, that is, after receiving the business, they will be transferred to other companies for their operations, so that the customer’s data security will become completely unknown. No guarantee. In the event of a data disaster, anxious customers should calmly choose a qualified data repair company.

Supported devices / operating systems:

Support PC hard drive, notebook hard drive, micro disks, server hard disks, etc .

Support IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI interface hard disk and ce, cf mini hard disk data recovery work;

The supported operating systems include Win98 / 03 / XP / ME / Vista / Win7, WinNT / 2000, Linux, Unix, apple, Novell, and some special industrial computers and monitoring systems.

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