Upgraded m.2 NVMe to 2013-2017 Apple SSD Adapter Card 3.0 Protocol


New version m.2 nvme SSD to 2013 2014 2016 2017 Apple hard disk adapter card


This adapter card plus hard disk can replace the original hard disk of notebook computer of the following models:
2013 version MacBook Pro retina Al 398 A1502 (ME864 ME865 ME866 ME293 ME294L2014 version MacBook Pro retina A1502 Al398 (MGX72 MGX82 MGX92 MGXA2 MGXC2),
2015 version MacBook Pro retina A1502 A1398(MF839 MF840 MF841 MJLU2 MJLT2 MJLQ2),
2013-2014 version MacBook Air Al 465 A1466(MD711 MD712 MD760 MD761), 2015 version MacBook Air Al 465 A1466(MJVM2 MJVP2 MJVE2 MJVG2 MMGF2 MMGG2),
2017 version MacBook Air a1466 (mqd32 mqd42 mqd52, you can see the text model a1466 emc3178 on the bottom shell) and Mac Pro me253 md878jmac
A1419(Late 2013 and newer).
The 2013 IMAC a1418 (pay attention to emu2638) and 2017 IMAC a1418 (pay attention to emu3069) can be combined with fusion drive, that is, the 21 inch IMAC from 2013 to 2017 can be combined with fusion drive. If your IMAC can be combined with fusion drive, it can certainly be used, but it can be replaced
Before using the hard disk, you must disable the fusion drive. 2013 2014 2015 1016 2017 Edition
27 inch IMAC a1419 can be used,
Remember that the 27 inch and 21.5-inch imacai419 al418 of 2010, 2011 and 2012 cannot be used! In addition, note that some iMacs only support poex2 data transmission mode! This is the machine, not the adapter card.

M.2 to 2013

The following machine models can be supported:

Late 2013 MacBook Pro retina a1398 a1502 (me864 me865 me866 me293 me294),

2014 MacBook Pro retina a1502 a1398 (mgx72 mgx82 mgx92 mgxa2 mgxc2),

2015 MacBook Pro retina a1502 a1398 (mf839 MF840 mf841 mjlq2 mjlt2 mjlu2),

2013-2014 MacBook Air a1465 a1466 (md711 md712 md760 md761),

2015 MacBook Air a1465 a1466 (mjvm2 mjvp2 mjve2 mjvg2 mmgf2 mmgg2),

2017 MacBook Air a1466 (mqd32, mqd42, mqd52, model a1466, emc3178), Mac Pro me253, md878, IMAC a1419 (late 2013 and later machines)

The following models in 2017 do not use this adapter card:

MacBook Pro A1706

MacBook Pro A1707

MacBook Pro A1708

This adapter card is applicable to most Apple models from 2013 to 2017 (some models in 2017 are not suitable for loading). Don’t ask you repeatedly about the model above 2013. Can I use it or not? Take two minutes to finish the introduction:

Applicable to all MacBook Air a1465 and a1466 models listed in June 2013;

Applicable to 2013-2016 a1465, a1466, a1502, a1398 (me864, me865, me866, mgx72, mgx82, mgx92, me293, me294, mgxa2, mgxc2);

Tips: some customers have consulted and recommended that the commonly used hard disk models include Samsung (SM / PM) 951, 961, 970evo, 971 and 981plus nvme protocol hard disks; There are also many brands, such as Intel 660p \ 760p hard disk, Philips, Western Digital, HP, Kingston, Toshiba, King Kong and so on (m.2 nvme channel hard disk). Can be transferred and fixed to the hard disk interface normally. However, it cannot be guaranteed that all platform models can be used normally at one time. Need friends to explore and use patiently Repeatedly plug in to verify whether the hard disk installation is normal.

Don’t ask urgently as soon as you receive the goods and can’t use them. If you can’t recognize the hard disk, or say that there’s no problem with the products you buy. If similar products bought by other families can be recognized, your family can’t know how to use them normally. What’s the matter. Your motherboard OS system needs to support nvme protocol (the version needs to be above 10.14. If not, please upgrade the Mac OS system first) in order to recognize the nvme hard disk normally. Otherwise, please upgrade the OS Apple system first and then transfer the PCIe (nvme protocol) hard disk. Of course, if you repeatedly confirm that you can’t use it, you can return it and refund it.

This product has only been optimized by small changes such as early development and another improved line in early 2019.. There is no problem of hibernation or not supporting a certain system version. Too many people will ask me whether my XX brand hard disk model is OK before buying. Here is a unified reply. This card brand and hard disk capacity are unlimited, as long as it is PCIe protocol (i.e. nvme protocol) m.2 SSD. More than 98% can be used normally.

The factory 100% test is OK, and the hard disk can be recognized and opened. Because the computer adapter card is sold, many problems can only be correctly judged by your own on-site use. Consider whether the needle angle is in bad contact or the system configuration upgrade file and so on. There is also the same use of green board and black board.

How patient you are. If you don’t succeed in one test, test and plug in several times and turn on the machine.. Until success!


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