Apple 2013 2014 2015 MacBook Air Mac Pro SSD to M.2


Note: This product only supports the use of desktop computers and does not support the transfer of other hard disk boxes

2014 2013 Apple MacBook Air a1466 a1465 SSD to m.2 m-key adapter

Please note that this adapter card only supports Apple SSD after 2013.

IF your motherboard has enough space, please note whether your computer motherboard supports m.2 PCIe x2 or m.2 NGFF PCIe X4. If your hard disk is encrypted, this adapter card does not support it! If there is not enough space around your computer m.2 slot, this adapter card cannot be installed! If your computer m.2 slot does not support m.2 PCIe x2 or m.2 PCIe x4, your hard disk cannot be recognized by using this adapter card! If your hard disk is originally an Apple system installed in the computer, the Microsoft system can not remember the disk format of your hard disk and can not read the data inside. You can only enter the disk manager to re-partition and format the hard disk!

This adapter card only converts the interface shape of your hard disk. Such conversion does not need to go through the integrated circuit. In short, it is to rewire from your hard disk and change the interface form. Therefore, it does not need any driver to install on the computer, which will not affect the speed of your hard disk and the performance of your hard disk!

apple ssd  adapter

2013-15 m2-1

2013-15 m2-2


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