M. 2 NGFF SSD to MacBook A1425 A1398 for Apple 2012 Pro


Note: it only supports 2280 SATA protocol m.2 ngff 2280 SATA protocol m.2 ngff SSD to 2012 Apple MacBook Pro a1425 a1398 mc975 mc976 md212 md213 me662 me664 me665 SSD adapter card. This adapter card can convert 2280 m.2 ngff interface SSD to 2012 apple a1425 a1398 SSD.
1. This conversion card is purely made of DIY and has no brand to speak of. Those who pursue the brand and do not believe in DIY please do not try. The color of circuit board and card holder may change with the arrival batch, but the function will not change. The picture is only for reference. Everything is subject to the real object without further notice.
2. This adapter card only realizes interface conversion, and its length and width are almost the same as the original solid state. However, m.2 ngff SSD of 2242 2230 2260 specification cannot be fixed, which must be noted.
3. We can’t provide any technical support.
4. M.2 ngff interface is divided into B + M key and M key interface definitions. This adapter card only supports m.2 ngff SSD defined by B + M key interface SATA! M.2 ngff SSDs with B + M key interface PCIe x2 protocol and m.2 ngff SSDs with M key interface PCIe X4 protocol are not supported!
5. Note that when the hard disk is placed in the machine, we must pay attention to the insulation treatment, because the placement is not good, which leads to the machine problems. Our store does not assume any responsibility. It is not recommended to buy the hard disk if it is careless and has poor hands-on ability! 6. There is no chip in the middle of the adapter card, which has no impact on the performance of the hard disk



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