Msata SSD to 2012 MacBook Pro A1425 A1398 SSD Adapter for Apple


We transferred the msata hard disk and installed it on the 2012 notebook. Supported models: a1425, a1398, mc975, me662, me664, me665. After conversion, it is a 7 + 17pin interface.

Msata SSD to 2012 Apple MacBook Pro a1425 me662 SSD adapter card,

This adapter card can be used to convert Msata interface SSD to 2012 apple a1425 SSD,

There are three fixing holes on the board, which are 3 * 2.5cm, 3 * 5cm, and 3 * 7cm, respectively. They are positioned according to the length of your msata SSD.

Only msata SSD is supported, and ASUS definition and PATA definition Mini PCIe SSD are not supported.

Note: there is no chip in the middle of the adapter card, which has no impact on the performance of the hard disk!!! Know the principle: msata hard disk follows the SATA interface. The 2012 Apple MacBook Pro a1425 me662 SSD also follows the SATA interface Msata hard disk and apple 2012 Pro hard disk are special-shaped SATA hard disk, and there is no signal conversion. Therefore, our card will not affect your hard disk’s speed and other performance.

In addition, this model only supports the 2012 MacBook Pro, a1425, and a1398. How do you know the model number? Refer to the figure below and flip your apple notebook!

msata to 2012-3

msata to 2012-2

msata to 2012-1



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