Original socket 2012 Air Pro A1465 A1466 SSD Adapter Card for Apple


This adapter card is applicable to SSDs of the following types of machines:

2012 Apple Pro retina a1425 a1398 / mc975 mc976 md212 md213 me662 me664 me665

2012 Apple air a1465 a1466 md223 md224 md231 md213 md232

The 2013 version of a1466 (md760, md761) and a1465 (md711, md712) and the solid-state of a1425 and a1398 are not supported and should not be purchased.

Due to different arrival batches, the appearance of the transfer card may be slightly different from the real object (such as card seat color, circuit board color, component layout adjustment, etc.), but it will not affect the use. Without further notice, all shall be subject to the real object.

The SSD power consumption of Pro is extremely large, 2.39a. Don’t try the USB test. The maximum power supply of a USB is 1a. If it can’t be carried, it’s built-in. Some machines don’t necessarily take it.

Apple 2012 new notebook a1465 / a1466 / a1435 / a1436 special SSD solid-state drive adapter card is converted into 3.5-inch SATA interface for desktop computers and sata3 interface. The adapter version adopts a high-capacity all solid state capacitor and high-power LDO chip to make your solid state drive work stably and quickly!

This adapter card only changes the interface form of your hard disk and does not change the reading and writing speed of your SSD. What is the original task and writing speed of the SSD you use, and what is the speed after adding this adapter card! This adapter card does not change the other performance of your hard disk. As long as your original hard disk is OK, there will be no problem. We aren’t usually the ones that handle this. You can see it yourself after receiving the goods. The middle of the adapter version is not a chip.

Before installing the adapter card on the solid-state drive, please wipe the golden finger of the solid-state drive first and wipe it with a rubber. The contact part of the solid-state drive will be clean to avoid poor contact.

This adapter card is only applicable to the solid-state drive for the new Apple laptop in 2012; 2011 / 2010 and 2012 are similar in rough view. The interfaces are different. The differences are as follows:

airpro a146566398425-1

airpro a146566398425-2


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