M. 2 SSD to 2010 / 2011 Apple Air A1370 A1369 Adapter


This adapter card is suitable for 2280 (22mm wide and 80mm long), 2260 (22mm wide and 60mm long) 2242 (22mm wide and 42mm long) m.2 (SATA protocol, does not support PCIe x2 and PCIe X4 transmission protocols, solid-state drives must be single-sided components, if there are components on both sides, they cannot be installed) is converted to Apple 2010 2011 air a1369 a1370 mc503 mc504 MC505 mc506 mc968 mc969 mc965 mc966 SSD solid-state drives for notebook computers, which is convenient to use!

The adapter card can support m.2 SSD solid state disk with single-sided particles. Do not buy one with chip particles on both sides.

m.2 to 2010

be careful:

1. The adapter board must be tested and delivered before delivery. If you buy something to test and refund it for reasons such as not being able to use it after use, don’t buy it! Our shop can guarantee that the delivery is good. Don’t open disputes and give bad comments!

2. Please don’t bargain with me if you buy less than 100 at one time. Our store has clear and real prices. There’s really no time to bargain with you. It’s a waste of time. Please understand!

3. The working principle of the adapter card is extremely simple. It is to connect several wires from your original hard disk and reconnect it to the hard disk interface of the apple notebook. There is no need for chip conversion in the middle, so there is no need to drive, and it will not change any performance of your hard disk!

4. It doesn’t mean that your original hard drive works normally on other laptops. After adding the adapter card, you will be able to use it on Apple computers. Because any computer has compatibility problems with SSD, if you can’t recognize it after adding the adapter card, or the work is unstable, please check the following steps:

First, update your computer’s EFI, which is equivalent to the BIOS of an ordinary computer;

Then update the firmware of your hard disk to the latest version (the higher the BIOS version or hard disk firmware, the better the compatibility. The manufacturer launches the new version of BIOS to solve the compatibility problem between the motherboard and some devices);

If not, it is recommended to replace the solid-state drive. I test that the solid-state drive controlled by sandforce has poor compatibility with apple computer.

5. Please be careful when operating. Move gently. Excessive force will cause components to break and fall off! We don’t accept the saying that a certain device has fallen off after receiving the goods. Please check the goods in front of the courier when receiving the goods. If there is a problem, we can reject it. If there is a problem after signing, our default is caused by improper operation!

6. About the warranty: the actual effect of this product is equivalent to the function of a cable. As long as it is good at that time, it will not be damaged in normal use. There is no need to worry about the warranty. If you must guarantee it, our store promises to guarantee it for one year. If there is a problem within one month, who will pay the freight, and the buyer will bear it all after one month.

7. Connect the hard disk to test. The heat of the adapter board is normal, and the heat of the hard disk is also normal. Don’t tell me that SSD won’t heat up. Now the speed of SSD is faster and faster, and the power consumption is higher and higher. High power consumption must produce high heat. Say that the transfer card is bad, which leads to the heating of the hard disk. There is no way but to declare in advance. People with such an idea should not buy it!

Please note that the solid-state drives of 2010 / 2011 and 2012 are distinguished as follows:


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