CFAST to SATA3.0 Hard Drive Adapter Desktop CFAST Reader Test Card



CFAST is a new upgraded standard of CF specification developed by CF camp. It adopts SATA 3gbps interface. At the same time, it is a very small SATA solid-state hard disk with the same shape as CF card. From the name, we can see that the focus of the new standard is speed. It adopts SATA interface standard. The speed can reach 450MB / s. however, the current CF high value is only 45Mb / S (300X);

Product application scope:

Replace CFAST card with SATA interface. When SATA hard disk is used. Transfer the eliminated CFAST card from the video recorder and other equipment to the computer to install the system. This scheme supports the card of CFAST interface. Support systems above Windows XP, Linux, MAC, etc. No driver required.

Note: CFAST card is an upgraded version of CF card, and the interface is completely different. Therefore, CFAST cards are incompatible with CF cards. The transmission speed of CFAST is 2-3 times faster than that of current CF cards.

cfast to sata



Support CFAST cards of various capacities on the market

Comply with usb3 0 specification, supporting USB overspeed, high-speed and full speed file transfer;

Support CFAST I and CFAST II cards;

Support plug and play.



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