Apple 2010 2011 MACBOOK AIR A1369 A1370 SSD to USB3.0 HDD Hard Disk Drive Case


Apple 2010 2011 MACBOOK AIR A1369 A1370 SSD to USB3.0 HDD Hard Disk Drive Case

This hard disk box is not plugged in, the hard disk light is not on, the hard disk (hard disk bad) light is not on, the hard disk light is on, and the read-write data light flashes. Do not judge the quality of the hard disk box by the reason that the light is not on! Judge whether the hard disk box is normal. Please connect the empty hard disk box to the computer. Initio inc-3609 USB device can be seen in the disk drive of the device manager. The hard disk box is good! Because there is no hard disk connected, the primary control of the hard disk box cannot detect the hard disk information and will automatically disconnect in about 10 to 20 seconds.

be careful:

This product will be delivered after the test, but it does not mean that it can be 100% guaranteed after the test. This guarantee, let alone I can’t do it, is that all major international brands such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Hitachi, Apple, and Nokia can’t do it! You have to believe that we will not deliberately give you a bad one, and then make money for the express company! In addition, the profit of our goods is also very low, so in case of any problem with the goods (the probability is very, very low), please look at it rationally. The exchange fee is the AA system. No matter what reason you return the goods, you can only refund the payment for the goods without refunding the freight,

Please note the following:

1. Before using this product, you must ensure that your hard disk is not encrypted; otherwise, you can’t recognize it when connected to the computer with the hard disk box!

2. If the previous operating system of your hard disk is Mac OS and you use the hard disk box to connect to the computer of windows system, you can’t see the disk partition when you open “my computer.” Please enter the disk manager to re-partition and format it before it can be used usually!

3. When using the mobile hard disk case, please do not connect the front USB interface of the desktop computer. Or the USB interface close to the keyboard or mouse interface on the motherboard, because it is used for USB flash disk, keyboard, mouse, and other low-power devices, which can not meet the power requirements of your mobile hard disk.

4. If the nominal current of your hard disk is greater than or equal to 1.7A (you can find it on the label of the hard disk), we suggest you use the hub with the external power supply to use the mobile hard disk. Because the maximum power supply capacity of USB 3.0 interface is 1a. the current demand for your hard disk is large. The power consumption is large, and the USB interface cannot meet the power consumption requirements. Which will cause the mobile hard disk to be unrecognized, Or it can recognize the failure of reading and writing data or the disconnection between the mobile hard disk and the computer.

5. If the mobile hard disk connected to USB 3.0 cannot be recognized or can be recognized, but it does not work normally, you can try to connect to USB 2.0 interface to reduce speed and power consumption, but this is not omnipotent. Some reduced power consumption can be used, and some can not be used.

6. Do not move the mobile hard disk box during use. Otherwise, it will cause data damage or the loss of firmware of your hard disk itself, and the hard disk will be completely scrapped! When the mobile hard disk is not in use, please remove the data cable from the mobile hard disk box; otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the USB interface.

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