Bcm94331csax Bcm94360cs2 to A + E key Extension Adapter Card Drive Free for Black Apple


Precautions before purchase:
1. This transfer card is purely handmade, and the shipment is relatively slow! Generally, the goods will be delivered within three days after payment!
2. These are two extension cards placed in other positions inside the machine. Please do an excellent job in insulation; otherwise, the wireless network card will touch and short circuit with other machine components and cause failure! Our shop will not bear the loss caused by the disappointment caused by DIY!
3. The middle flexible cable is 65mm long and 165mm long. Please choose according to the internal structure of the machine.
4. Be sure to handle with care during installation and not pull hard; otherwise, the flexible cable interface will be broken or pulled off welding, causing the adapter card not to work usually.
5. If your motherboard wireless network card slot only supports CNVI protocol, this adapter card cannot be used! This product can only be purchased if your motherboard wireless network card interface can support PCIe protocol! Be sure to find out the interface protocol of your motherboard wireless network card before purchasing. As for what is CNVI protocol, please inquire by yourself!
6. Be sure to purchase freight insurance! If you need to exchange goods, buy a new one and purchase freight insurance. After receiving the goods, return the first one. For any reason, only the payment for goods will be refunded, and the freight will not be refunded. The cargo of goods returned will be borne by the buyer!
This adapter card is theoretically applicable to Apple computers’ 6 + 12 pin wireless module. Still, there are too many types of wireless network card modules with this interface in Apple computers, so I can’t list them one by one. In addition, please find a way to fix the wireless module by yourself. Also, with this combination, you must pay attention to whether your computer has enough installation space!
The adapter card is integrated with a USB data signal cable, which must support Bluetooth. However, if your wireless network card interface does not integrate USB data signal cable and your wireless network card does not have Bluetooth function, it must not support Bluetooth function! The realization of Bluetooth function requires the integration of Bluetooth module in your wireless network card, USB data signal line in your adapter card, and USB data signal line in your motherboard network card slot!
Please pay special attention to the fact that the transfer card is burnt out and will not be returned or replaced in our store! So please be careful not to insert the wrong card slot, be sure not to use the lousy wireless module, and your wireless module and this adapter card should not touch the shell! The transfer card is tested on the computer before delivery. If it needs to be burned, it will be burned on our side. It won’t be burned until you use it! Therefore, if the transfer card is burned, our store will not return or replace it! I know that most buyers use black apples, but the size of Apple’s wireless network card is different. Please be careful not to touch your original shell; In addition, be sure not to insert the wrong card slot. Remind me again that the transfer card will not be returned or replaced if burned out!
Compatible wireless network card models:
BCM943602CS BCM94360CS BCM94331CSAX BCM94360CS2 BCM943224PCIEBT2 BCM94360CD BCM94331CD BCM943602CDP
The adapter card does not need any driver because the adapter card does not carry any chip, and there is no chip, so there are no so-called driver and compatibility problems. You need to install the driver of your wireless network card module. If the wireless network card module has no driver or is installed incorrectly, it will not work usually!
The adapter card only changes the interface form of the wireless module and does not change any module’s performance because it just connects several wires from your module! What is the function of your original module, and what is the part after switching? Don’t tell me about the slow and unstable network speed caused by using my switching card.

BCM94331CSAX-1 BCM94331CSAX-2


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