USB to SATA Adapter SSD Voltage Repair Flying Line Jump Wire USB flash CF SD TF Bad Sector Data Recovery for PC3000


Provide three – in – one multi-function adapter card for professional data recovery personnel

Function 1: Convert USB removable hard disk to SATA hard disk:

1 USB hard disk flying line  (Jump wire) board, suitable for Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung and other USB hard disk to change SATA interface;
2 Integrated PC-3000 USB adapter (Adapter PC USB power) USB device mirroring function;
3  is mainly used for tools such as PC3000 DFL MRT to process firmware and DE;
4  comes with a thumb screw, which can be directly fixed to the 2.5-inch hard disk to be processed;
5  comes with 10P super soft high temperature resistant cable, which is convenient for everyone to use;
usb to sata adapter
usb to sata adapter
SATA flying wire PCB board instructions:
1. Description of the flying line part (you can understand it as a fixed SATA interface, this board is only convenient for you to fly line);
Original USB board, we need to make the USB bridge chip not work when we are flying. Usually the method of removing the crystal oscillator of the bridge chip is adopted; at the same time, it is necessary to isolate the signal output by the main control from the bridge chip, which is to remove the 4 isolation capacitors that output the SATA signal of the main control, which is also the flying point of the hard disk PCB board!
The usage of flying wire board;
How to use the SATA jump wire PCB board?
The power indicator “C” is a 5V power supply through a light-emitting diode and a resistor in series, the resistance can be any from 1K to 10K, and the indicator light can be cancelled.
The SATA signal definition is as follows:
1. GND Ground (grounded, generally connected to the negative pole)
2. A Transmit (data transmission positive signal interface) A+
3, A- Transmit (data transmission negative signal interface  A-
4. GND Ground (grounded, generally connected to the negative pole)
5, B- Receive (data receiving negative signal interface) B-
6, B Receive (data receiving positive signal interface) B+
7. GND Ground (grounded, generally connected to the negative pole)
Because we are used to using the WD board, everyone has the most contact, so it is marked as the WD’s flying point mark. “VG5321” represents the power supply\ground\B+\ B-\A-\A+, which means that the 4 signal wires of SATA are connected to the 4 flying points corresponding to the original USB board through the wires, and the connection is changed to SATA standard interface, power supply can be flying line or welding power supply is free when the original USB board power supply is normal, just connect the USB line.
Please note: whether it is to add an isolation capacitor or directly connect with solder, this description is marked on the figure: the upper and lower points are the upper and lower points between AB, and the E is the same.
Here, the AB welding hard disk can be welded with isolation capacitor or 0 ohm resistance. If it is welded, you can weld the flying lead at “B”. If there is no welding, please weld at “A”. (Note that the flying lead should be as short as possible and the line is long. There are distributed capacitors, and the isolation capacitors can be obtained from the original hard disk you want to fly.)
If you use 0 ohm resistor or direct tin connection in the box of “E”, then the four places of 1\2\3\5 can be used for flying probes. (The actual test of the domestic flying needle is of poor quality and the needle swing is too time-consuming, meaningless);
Example detailed description:
Toshiba’s 2TB hard drive is slow to recognize after being inserted into the USB. If this hard drive does not make any abnormal noise, most of it is a drive with bad sectors, as shown in the figure below:
According to the picture, first remove the affected device, and then install the hard disk
Use the screw on the flying lead PCB to fix the flying lead PCB to the hard disk. First, we should first strip the cables to be used and plate them with tin. The shorter the cables, the better, and the longer the cables can be. it is good. Similarly, I want to solder on the “A” area of the flying lead PCB, so that the solder joints in the A “area” and the hard disk board are also tinned, as shown in the figure below.
The better the preparation for the front work, the easier it will be for the back. I personally use two data lines in a group, so that welding is easy, and it is considered a small isolation.
If the welder is not good, you can use tweezers to assist in the vertical welding. This depends on the individual, because this PCB board can be free of welding power and ground, just plug in the USB cable, as shown in the following two pictures:
SED can be understood as two kinds:
1. Firmware encryption ROM or module, such as Seagate 58 triangle board and above, you need to unlock the ROM to read and write the firmware. Others such as Western Digital 1961 and 800041 are in the ID (02 module). Editing the ID has the SED option. This requires the ROM to block SA Or block 02 and edit ID to remove SED, then the hard disk can be recognized normally and DE supports decryption;
2. The main control encryption, such as Western Digital 800067\800069\800041, etc. The main control of this board itself is encrypted, and the unlocking board needs to be replaced to read and write the firmware, and separate data.
In the second half of 2019, some of the new disk boards such as 800067\800069\800041\810035 have their own master encryption, and now they can only read and write firmware and split headers when replacing the unlocking board, because DE can’t decrypt the data area and deal with firmware problems and split headers. After that, you need to change back to the original USB board. At this time, there is no need to decrypt the data for data (the value of the flying line PCB board). Seagate also has new models. The data area is abnormal after unlocking. This type of data can only be written back to the original ROM. Unlocking is also only suitable for handling firmware problems and splitting. AE AF series hard drives, you will find that there are more SED modules.
The main control encryption is nothing more than the manufacturer’s same board written with different firmware, but it cannot be solved, so it has become the main control encryption.
There is a misjudgment, that is, for the new encryption problem
1 Not the original board, so the data still shows encryption
2 Has the customer added a password?
3 190 problem data has become 0. Both the decryption board and the original board output an encrypted state. If you look at some sectors, it should return the same. Then you can judge that the hard disk has become 0.
4 I have encountered it once. It is not the original board that cannot read the data area directly. ABR error is reported directly. This is because I only encountered it once.

Support other USB PCB board to SATA PCB list:

Western Digital PCB board:


701605 – 701499

701615 – 701499

701635 – 701572

701650 – 701499

701675 – 701672, 701609, or 771672

771737 – 701692 or 771692

771754 – 701692 or 771692

701754 – 771692

771761 – 771692

771801 – 771823

771814 – 771820

771859 – 771852

771949 – 771959 or 771939

771961 – 771960, 771939, or 771959

771962 – 771931 or 771959

771817 – 771820



810035 – unknown USB board

800041 – 800022

800038 – 800025

800069 – 800066

800067 – 800065

Toshiba PCB board:

USB ——– —–>SATA

PCB:G3448A PCB:G003235B,G003235C 88I9317-RA12

PCB:G003250A PCB:G003235B,G003235C 88I9317-RA12

PCB:G003309A PCB:G003235B,G003235C 88I9317-RA12

PCB:G3959A PCB:G3918A 88i1017-NDB2 MQ03ABB200M PCB

PCB:G003054A PCB:G002825A 88i9117-TLA2

PCB:G003296A PCB:G003235B,G003235C 88I9317-RAL2

PCB:G003189A PCB:G003138A

PCB:G4330A PCB:G4311A 88i1017-NDB2 MQ04UBF100/MQ04UBD200/MQ04UBF100 PCB

PCB:G0039A PCB:G4311A

PCB:G003220A 88i9312J-TFJ2

PCB:G002901A 88i9112U–TFJ2

PCB:G003220A 88i9312J-TFJ2

PCB:G3626A 88i9417-NDB2

Samsung PCB board:

USB ————-> SATA

100725482 —> 100720903

100740633 —> 100739392

100760718 —>100720903

100765396 —> 100767980

BF41-00300A —> BF41-00306A

BF41-00365A —> BF41-00354A

BF41-00373A —> BF41-00354A

BF41-00325A —> BF41-00315A

BF41-00357A —> BF41-00315A

BF41-00282A —>BF41-00249B

BF41-00311A —> BF41-00315A

BF41-00231B —> BF41-00157A

Function 2: support SSD lack of voltage repair and data recovery

ssd repair ssd repair
As shown in the figure above, many SSDs use similar circuits above, and so does our adapter board.
General SSD common 3.3 2.5 1.8V 1.2V (1.1V) principle is basically the same. If you can’t determine how many V outputs the bad line is, you can find FR4 and fr6 to feed back the voltage dividing resistance.
For example: the resistance connected to the inductor is named R1 and the grounded resistance R2, then the ratio of R1 and R2 can determine the output. If R1 is twice as large as R2, it is 1.8V; If equal, it is 1.2V; If R1 is about 3 times of R2, it is 2.5V; It’s about 4 times, that’s 3.3V.
ssd repair ssd repair
ssd repair ssd repair

Function 3:Adapter for PC3000 USB power;

Main purpose: Restore data of usb flash drive, SD card, TF card, CF card and mobile hard disk with bad blocks bad sctore bad sector;
Note:Device support: PC-3000 UDMA-E/PC-3000 Express
Unsupported devices: PC-3000 UDMA, MRT, DFL, etc…
pc3000 usb adapter pc3000 usb adapter
USB device mirroring function (Adapter PC USB power);
Insert the USB square-port data cable to connect to the computer, and then plug in the USB medium that needs to be mirrored, which port is ready to build the Data Extractor, connect the power and turn it on. When building the Data Extractor, the source device must choose the plugged in USB medium. After the Data Extractor is built, where is the power supply option to let Data Extractor control the power supply, the pc3000 Data Extractor, which has no serious hard disk bad sectors, can prevent a black screen from appearing by turning on and off the power. (PC3000 version needs to be above 6.5.20 to have this function);
Professional data recovery tools, non-data recovery professionals should be careful to buy!
Professional data recovery tools, non-data recovery professionals should be cautious to buy! No return or exchange without quality problems! Thank you for your cooperation!


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