Hard drive disk head replacement tools hdd head exchange tools 53 pcs


In 2022, 52pcs of newly upgraded hard disk head replacement tools; Some old models that are rarely used have been eliminated, and some latest models have been added. The details are as follows:
The full set of head replacement exchange tools support more and more, suitable for 2.5 inch 3.5 inch . Supports Seagate thin disk complete disk series and Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung and other magnetic heads docked inside the hard disk, easy to use and easy to operate.
Tip: our products are not precision assembly parts produced in batch. If you are a professional in data recovery technology, you can get help from this tool. It is possible that the details of the product are not perfect. We are selling at cost. In order not to cause transaction disputes, if you mind, don’t buy this link! Thank you for your cooperation.

following is a list of some supported hard disk models. It is possible that some models are wrong, not necessarily correct. For buyer’s reference:

head replacement

head replacement tools

new head tools new head tools


support WD hard drive list:

WD10SPCX-xxKHST0    WD10SPCX-xxHWST0   WD5000MPCK-xxAWHT0   WD5000M22K-xxZ1LT0   WD5000MTCK-xxSP1T0 WD5000M13K-xxWHKT0 WD7500L12X- xxJTET0  WD5000M21K-xxJU5T0;

3.5″ Drives with 4 platters (p4):Caviar Black

WD2001FASS-00U0B0/00W2B0 WD2002FAEX-007BA0  WD3001FAEX-00MJRA0;

3.5″ Drives with 5 platters (p5):Caviar Black:WD4001FAEX-00MJRA0 WD4003FZEX-00Z4SA0;

6TB drives,3.5″ Drives with 5 platters (p5): (Green)  WD60EZRX-00MVLB1 WD50EZRX-xxMVLBx;

(Red ): WD60EFRX-68L0BN1  WD50EFRX-68MYMN1;



2.5” black 1 platter support list:














WD1600BEKX-00B7WT0 Scorpio black















2.5” two platters:











WDC 3.5” Ramp p2-3 (2 or 3 platters):

(Tornado):TA, TP, TB, TR, TC, TS,TH, TJ, TK, TL, TM,TN, RY, RZ, SB, SC,SD, SE;

(Tornado PATA):TV, UF, TW, UG, TY,TZ, UJ, UA, UK, UB,UL, UC, UM, UD, UN,UE, UP, UH;

(Tornado 2R):YE, YF, YG, YH, YJ, YK,YL, YM, YN, YP, YR,YS, YT, YU, YV, YW,YY, YZ, C8;

(Tornado 2PMR):WF, WG, WH, WJ,WK, WL;

(Tornado 2D):VV, VW, VY, WC, WD,WE, B9, C9;

Atlantis:D2, E7, A7, A8, A9,B0, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3;

Atlantis PATA:H8, H9, J0, J1;

Spider:ZS, ZT, ZU, ZV, ZW,ZY, ZZ, D0;

Gekko:G8, G9, H0, H1;

Kermit:D6, D7, E0, E1;

DragFly2:M2B, 3BB, Y5B;

DragFly3:P8B, Z5B;

Sadle BK:MVWB;

Sadle G6:MVWB;

Sadle 2D:N0YB;

WDC 3.5” Ramp p4 (4 platters):

Hulk:ZJB, ZKB, C7B;

Jupiter:RCA, RBA;

DragFly4:S2B, S8B, R6B;

Other:MMMB, J2GB, U2B, S0XB,T3B, J99B, R8UY, KEZB, Z9B;

WDC 3.5” Ramp p1 (1 platter):

Pinclite:L7A, L9A, M0A, Z0A;

Tahoe:V0A, V1A, UU3A,M9A, YZCA;

Tahoe LT:1CA, J37A;

Sequoia PMR:VZ, WA, WB, WM,WN, WP, WR, WS,WT, C0, D1;

Sequoia:PN, PR, PS, PT, PU,PV, SV, SW, SY, SZ;

STG Twin Lakes:VK, VL, VM, VN, VP,VR, VS, VT, VU;

Pinnacle:B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, E2,F0, F1, F2, H4;

Pinnacle PATA:J2, J3, J4, J5;


Other:A0RT, A1CS, N9A,G0A, L2B, S9B;

WDC 2.5” Ramp p1-2 (1 or 2 platters):

Mariner:A0RT, A1CS;


Mercury:ZA, ZB;

Marn5 4K:GNWS;



Denali:VA, VB, VC, VD,VE, ZC, ZD, UZ;

Saturn:F3, F4;

McKinley:US, UR, UT, SN,SP, SR;

Lynx:UW, UY;

Firebird:S5X, A1Y

Other:PK4T, SCST,GNWS, A08S;

WDC 2.5” Ramp p3 (3 platters):

Helios:ZSMS, TK7S;

Shasta 3D:HT5T, BG7S, A27S;

Other:A28T, U4RT;

WDC 2.5” Ramp p4(4platters):




ST 2.5 P3-5 Ramp:

ST1750LM000  ST2000LM005 ,ST2000LM003P3
P5:ST3000LM016 ST3000LM024 ST4000LM016 ST4000LM024 ST5000LM000;

ST 2.5’’ Slim 1:MobileST1000LM035 ST1000LM037 ST1000LM038;

ST 2.5’’ Slim 2:Mobile ST2000LM007 ST2000LM009 ST2000LM010  BarraCuda  ST2000LM015;

5400.6:ST9500325AS ,ST9320325AS ,ST9250315AS, ST9160301AS, ST9160314AS, ST9120315AS ,ST980313AS ST9500325ASG, ST9320325ASG ,ST9250315ASG ,ST9160314ASG, ST980313ASG;

5400.5:ST9320320AS ,ST9160310AS ST980310AS ST9320320ASG ST9160310ASG ST980310ASG

5400.4: ST9250827AS ST9200827AS ST9160827AS ST9120817AS;

5400.3 :ST9160821AS ST9120822AS ST9100828AS ST980811AS ST960813AS ST940814AS ST9160821A ST9120822A ST9100828A ST980815A ST960815A ST940815A;

Momentus Thin:ST500LT012 ST320LT007 ST320LT009 ST320LT012 ST320LT014 ST320LT020 ST250LT003 ST250LT007 ST250LT012 ST250LT021;

Freeplay:ST9750430AS ST9888430AS ST91000430AS ST1000LM010 ST1000LM002 ST1500LM003;

7200.4:ST9500420AS ST9320423AS ST9250410AS ST9160412AS ST9500420ASG ST9320423ASG ST9250410ASG ST9160412ASG;

7200.3:ST9320421AS ST9250421AS ST9160411AS ST980411AS ST9320421ASG ST9250421ASG ST9160411ASG


Momentus PSD:ST91608220AS ST91208220AS ST9808212AS

7200.5*:ST9750422AS ST9750421AS ST9750420AS ST9640422AS ST9640421AS ST9640420AS ST9500424AS ST9500423AS ST9750420ASG ST9640420ASG ST9500423ASG;

5400.2*:ST9120821A ST9100824A ST98823A ST96812A ST94813A ST93811A ST9120821AS ST3100824AS ST98823AS ST96812AS ST94813AS ST93811AS;

4200.2*:ST9100822A ST980821A ST960821A ST950212A ST9402113A ST930219A;

3.5”  Ramp:

Barracuda:ST3000DM001 ST2000DM001 ST1500DM001 ST1000DM003 ST750DM003 ST500DM002 ST320DM000 ST250DM000;

Barracuda Green:ST2000DL003 ST1500DL003;

Barracuda XT:ST33000651AS ST32000641AS ST4000DX000;

SV35:ST3000VX000 ST2000VX000 ST1000VX000;

onstellation ES:ST2000NM0001 ST2000NM0011 ST2000NM0031 ST1000NM0001 ST1000NM0011 ST500NM0001 ST500NM0011 ST32000444SS ST32000445SS ST32000644NS ST31000424SS ST31000524NS ST3500414SS ST3500514NS;

Constellation CS:ST3000NC002 ST3000NC000 ST2000NC001 ST1000NC001 ;

Constellation ES.2: ST33000650NS ST33000650SS ST32000645NS ST32000645SS;

Lombard:ST4000DM000 ST4000VX000 ST4000VN000 ST5000DM000 ST5000VX000;


Samsung supported models:

Spinpoint M40, MN40:MP0302H MP0402H MP0603H MP0804H;

Spinpoint M40S:HM020GI HM20GIJ HM040HI HM060II HM080JI;

Spinpoint M60P:M40SG, MN40S HM040HC HM080II HM041HI HM100JC HM060HC HM100JI HM060HI HM120JC HM080IC HM120JI;

Spinpoint M80P, M80S:HM080HC HM080HI HM120IC HM120II HM160JC HM160JI;

Spinpoint M5S:HM080GC HM121HC HM160HC;

Spinpoint MPS1, MPS2:HM080GI HM160HI HM250JI;

Spinpoint M6:HM061GI HM080GI HM121HI HM161HI HM251JI HM320JI;

Spinpoint M7:HM120GI HM250HI HM320II HM500JI;

Spinpoint M7E:HM161GI HM251HI HM321HI HM501II HM641JI;

Spinpoint M7E(Seagate models):ST160LM000 ST250LM000 ST320LM000 ST500LM011 ST640LM000;

Spinpoint M8:HN-M160MBB HN-M250MBB HN-M320MBB HN-M500MBB HN-M640MBB HN-M750MBBHN-M101MBB;

Spinpoint M8(Seagate models): ST250LM004 ST320LM001 ST500LM012 ST640LM001 ST750LM022 ST1000LM024;

Spinpoint M8E:HN-M101XBB HN-M500XBB HN-M101ABB HN-M500ABB;

Spinpoint M8E(Seagate models) :ST1000LM026 ST500LM016 ST1000LM025 ST500LM014;

Spinpoint MT2:HM100UI;

Toshiba supported models:

59GSM:MK7559GSM MK1059GSM;

65GSY:MK1665GSY MK2561GSY MK3265GSY MK5065GSY MK6465GSY;

MQ01ABD:MQ01ABD025 MQ01ABD032 MQ01ABD050 MQ01ABD064 MQ01ABD075 MQ01ABD100;


59GSX(P):MK3259GSX MK5059GSX MK6459GSX MK7559GSX;

65GSX:MK1665GSX MK2565GSX MK3265GSX MK5065GSX MK6465GSX;


MQ01ACF:MQ01ACF050 MQ01ACF032;

61GSY:MK1661GSY MK2561GSY MK3261GSY MK5061GSY MK6461GSY;

75GSX:MK3275GSX MK5075GSX MK6475GSX MK7575GSX;

MQ01ABC:MQ01ABC100 MQ01ABC150;



76GSX:MK3276GSX MK5076GSX MK6476GSX;

MQ01ABF:MQ01ABF025 MQ01ABF032 MQ01ABF050;



Hitachi HDD 3.5” model list:

DESKSTAR 7K80:HDS728040PLAT20 HDS728080PLAT20 HDS728040PLA320 HDS728080PLA380;

DESKSTAR 7K160:HDS721616PLAT80 HDS721680PLAT80 HDS721616PLA380 HDS721680PLA380;

DESKSTAR 7K250:HDS722540VLAT20 HDS722580VLAT20 HDS722512VLAT20 HDS722516VLAT20 HDS722516VLAT80 HDS722540VLSA80 HDS722580VLSA80 HDS722512VLSA80 HDS722516VLSA80;

DESKSTAR T7K250:HDT722525DLAT80 HDT722516DLAT80 HDT722520DLAT80 HDT722525DLA380 HDT722520DLA380 HDT722516DLA380;


CINEMASTAR 7K160:HCS721616PLAT00 HCS721680PLAT00 HCS721616PLA390 HCS721680PLA390;

DESKSTAR E7K500:HDS725050KLA360 HDS725050KLA361;

DESKSTAR P7K500:HDP725050GLAT80 HDP725040GLAT80 HDP725032GLAT80 HDP725025GLAT80 HDP725016GLAT80 HDP725050GLA380 HDP725050GLA360 HDP725040GLA380 HDP725040GLA360 HDP725032GLA380 HDP725032GLA360 HDP725025GLA380 HDP725016GLA380;

CINEMASTAR P7K500:HCP725050GLAT80 HCP725032GLAT80 HCP725025GLAT80 HCP725050GLA380 HCP725032GLA380 HCP725025GLA380;

DESKSTAR 7K1000:HDS721075KLA330 HDS721010KLA330;

CINEMASTAR:5K1000.B: HCS5C1010DLE630 HCS5C1075DLE630 HCS5C1050DLE630 HCS5C1032DLE630 HCS5C1025DLE630;

CINEMASTAR 7K1000.B:HCT721010SLA360 HCT721050SLA380 HCT721032SLA380 HCT721025SLA380 HCT721016SLA380;

DESKSTAR 5K1000:HDS5C1010CLA382 HDS5C1050CLA382;

CINEMASTAR 5K1000:HCS5C1010CLA382 HCS5C1075CLA382 HCS5C1050CLA382 HCS5C1032CLA382 HCS5C1025CLA382 HCS5C1016CLA382;

DESKSTAR 5K1000.B: HDS5C1010DLE630;

DESKSTAR E7K1000:HDE721010SLA330 HDE721075SLA330 HDE721050SLA330;

DESKSTAR 7K1000.B:HDT721010SLA360 HDT721075SLA360 HDT721064SLA360 HDT721050SLA360 HDT721032SLA360 HDT721025SLA360 HDT721016SLA360;

DESKSTAR 7K1000.D:HDS721010DLE630 HDS721075DLE630 HDS721050DLE630 HDS721032DLE630 HDS721025DLE630;

DESKSTAR 7K1000.C:HDS721010CLA332 HDS721075CLA332 HDS721064CLA332 HDS721050CLA362 HDS721032CLA362 HDS721025CLA382 HDS721016CLA382 HDS721010CLA632 HDS721075CLA632 HDS721064CLA632 HDS721050CLA662 HDS721032CLA662 HDS721025CLA682 HDS721016CLA682 ;

DESKSTAR 7K2000:HDS722020ALA330;

DESKSTAR 7K3000:HDS723030ALA640 HDS723020BLA642 HDS723015BLA642;

DESKSTAR 5K3000:HDS5C3030ALA630 HDS5C3020ALA632 HDS5C3015ALA632;

DESKSTAR 7K4000:HDS724040ALE640 HDS724030ALE640;

DESKSTAR 5K4000:HDS5C4040ALE630;

ULTRASTAR A7K2000:HUA722020ALA330 HUA722010CLA330 HUA722050CLA330 HUA722010CLA331 HUA722050CLA331;

ULTRASTAR 7K3000:HUA723030ALA640 HUA723030ALA641 HUA723020ALA640 HUA723020ALA641 HUS723030ALS640 HUS723030ALS641 HUS723020ALS640 HUS723020ALS641;

ULTRASTAR 5K3000:HUA5C3030ALA640 HUA5C3030ALA641 HUA5C3020ALA640 HUA5C3020ALA641;

ULTRASTAR 7K4000:HUS724040ALE640     HUS724030ALA641 HUS724040ALE641     HUS724030ALS640 HUS724040ALA640     HUS724030ALS641 HUS724040ALA641     HUS724020ALE640 HUS724040ALS640     HUS724020ALE641 HUS724040ALS641     HUS724020ALA640 HUS724030ALE640     HUS724020ALA641 HUS724030ALE641     HUS724020ALS640 HUS724030ALA640     HUS724020ALS641

Hitachi 2.5” Ramp :

Travelstar 4K40:HTS424020M9AT00 HTS424030M9AT00 HTS424040M9AT00;

Travelstar 7K60:HTE726040M9AT00 HTE726060M9AT00;

Travelstar E7K60:HTS726060M9AT00;

Travelstar 5K100:HTS541010G9AT00 HTS541080G9AT00 HTS541060G9AT00 HTS541040G9AT00 HTS541010G9SA00 HTS541080G9SA00 HTS541060G9SA00 HTS541040G9SA00;

Travelstar Z5K320:HTS543232A7A384 HTS543232A7A381 HTS543232A7A385 HTS543225A7A384 HTS543225A7A381 HTS543225A7A385 HTS543216A7A384 HTS543216A7A381 HTS543216A7A385 HTE543232A7A384 HTE543225A7A384;

Travelstar 7K320:HTS723232L9A360 HTS723225L9A360 HTS723216L9A360 HTS723212L9A360 HTS723280L9A360 HTS723232L9SA61 HTS723225L9SA61 HTS723216L9SA61 HTS723212L9SA61 HTS723280L9SA61 HTE723232L9A300 HTE723225L9A300 HTE723216L9A300 HTE723212L9A300;

Travelstar 5K750:HTS547575A9E384 HTS547575A9E381 HTS547564A9E384 HTS547564A9E381 HTS547550A9E384 HTS547550A9E381 HTE547575A9E384 HTE547564A9E384 HTE547550A9E384;

Travelstar E5K100:HTE541040G9AT00 HTE541040G9SA00;

Travelstar 7K100:HTS721010G9AT00 HTS721080G9AT00 HTS721060G9AT00 HTS721010G9SA00 HTS721080G9SA00 HTS721060G9SA00;

Travelstar E7K100:HTE721010G9AT00 HTE721080G9AT00 HTE721060G9AT00 HTE721010G9SA00 HTE721080G9SA00 HTE721060G9SA00;

Travelstar Z7K320:HTS723232A7A364 HTS723232A7A361 HTS723232A7A365 HTS723225A7A364 HTS723225A7A361 HTS723225A7A365 HTS723216A7A364 HTS723216A7A361 HTS723216A7A365 HTE723232A7A364 HTE723225A7A364;

Travelstar 5K500:HTS545050KTA300 HTS545040KTA300 HTS545050KTSA01 HTS545040KTSA01;

Travelstar E5K500:HTE545050KTA300 HTE545040KTA300;

Travelstar 7K750:HTS727575A9E364 HTS727575A9E361 HTS727564A9E364 HTS727564A9E361 HTS727550A9E364 HTS727550A9E361 HTE727575A9E364 HTE727564A9E364 HTE727550A9E364;

Travelstar 4K120:HTS421212H9AT00 HTS421210H9AT00  HTS421280H9AT00  HTS421260H9AT00 HTS421240H9AT00;

Travelstar 5K120:HTS541212H9AT00 HTS541210H9AT00 HTS541280H9AT00 HTS541260H9AT00 HTS541212H9SA00 HTS541210H9SA00 HTS541280H9SA00 HTS541260H9SA00;

Travelstar 5K160:HTS541616J9AT00 HTS541612J9AT00 HTS541680J9AT00 HTS541660J9AT00 HTS541640J9AT00 HTS541616J9SA00 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS541660J9SA00 HTS541640J9SA00;

Travelstar 5K500.B:HTS545050B9A300 / HTS545050B9A301 HTS545040B9A300 / HTS545040B9A301 HTS545032B9A300 / HTS545032B9A301 HTS545025B9A300 / HTS545025B9A301 HTS545016B9A300 / HTS545016B9A301 HTS545012B9A300 / HTS545012B9A301 HTE545050B9A300 HTE545032B9A300 HTE545025B9A300 HTE545016B9A300;

Travelstar Z5K500:HTS545050A7E680 / 0J38065 HTS545050A7E681 / 0J39415 HTS545050A7E685 / 0J43135 HTS545032A7E680 / 0J38063 HTS545032A7E681 / 0J39413 HTS545032A7E685 / 0J43133 HTS545025A7E680 / 0J38062 HTS545025A7E681 / 0J39412 HTS545025A7E685 / 0J43132 HTE545050A7E680 / 0J39685 HTE545032A7E680 / 0J39683;

Travelstar 5K1000:HTS541010A9E680 HTS541010A9E681 HTS541075A9E680 HTS541075A9E681 HTS541064A9E680 HTS541064A9E681 HTE541010A9E680 HTE541075A9E680 HTE541064A9E680;

Travelstar E5K160:HTE541616J9AT00 HTE541612J9AT00 HTE541680J9AT00 HTE541660J9AT00 HTE541616J9SA00 HTE541612J9SA00 HTE541680J9SA00 HTE541660J9SA00;

Travelstar 7K200: HTS722020K9A300 HTS722016K9A300 HTS722012K9A300 HTS722010K9A300 HTS722080K9A300 HTS722020K9SA00 HTS722016K9SA00 HTS722012K9SA00 HTS722080K9SA00 HTS722060K9SA00;

Travelstar E7K200:HTE722020K9A300 HTE722016K9A300 HTE722012K9A300;

Travelstar 5K250:HTS542525K9A300 HTS542520K9A300 HTS542516K9A300 HTS542512K9A300 HTS542580K9A300 HTS542525K9SA00 HTS542520K9SA00 HTS542516K9SA00 HTS542512K9SA00 HTS542580K9SA00;

Travelstar E5K250:HTE542525K9A300 HTE542516K9A300 HTE542512K9A300 HTE542580K9A300;

Travelstar 5K320:HTS543232L9A300 HTS543225L9A300 HTS543216L9A300 HTS543212L9A300 HTS543280L9A300 HTS543232L9SA01 HTS543225L9SA01 HTS543216L9SA01 HTS543212L9SA01 HTS543280L9SA01 HTE543232L9A300 HTE543225L9A300 HTE543216L9A300 HTE543212L9A300;

Travelstar 7K500:HTS725050A9A364 HTS725050A9A361 HTS725032A9A364 HTS725032A9A361 HTS725025A9A364 HTS725025A9A361 HTS725016A9A364 HTS725016A9A361 HTS725012A9A364 HTS725012A9A361 HTE725050A9A364 HTE725032A9A364 HTE725025A9A364 HTE725016A9A364;

Travelstar Z7K500:HTS725050A7E630 / 0J26005 HTS725050A7E631 / 0J26045 HTS725050A7E635 / 0J26065 HTS725032A7E630 / 0J26003 HTS725032A7E631 / 0J26043 HTS725032A7E635 / 0J26063 HTS725025A7E630 / 0J26002 HTS725025A7E631 / 0J26042 HTS725025A7E635 / 0J26062 HTE725050A7E630 / 0J26055 HTE725032A7E630 / 0J26053;

Travelstar 5K1500:HTS541515A9E630 HTS541515A9E631 HTS541515A9E635 HTE541515A9E630;






We often encounter the situation of replacing the head of the hard disk when making hard disk data recovery. Therefore, when it determines that the hard disk head is faulty, or when the head assembly needs to replace for other reasons, it can effectively ensure that the head assembly is safe during the moving operation. The company once again launched the world’s first “feature-only” open data recovery hard disk head assembly uninstall assistant. – Professional data recovery head replacement tool.
We provide the most comprehensive and meticulous service for our customers, and we are aiming at “Difficulty in unloading magnetic head components.” We have set up a special R&D team to conduct comprehensive research by technology and equipment development focusing on hard disk data recovery and server data recovery. The structure and characteristics of hard disks such as desktops and notebooks. Extensive data collection to restore the difficulties of front-end workers’ head assembly replacement, and in-depth analysis of the best material and shape of the head removal tool. In the end, the world’s first “unique feature” hard disk head replacement tool went on the market.
This “head tool” is efficient and more practical than the previously available head tools, with a wider range of support and more special use. Taking into account the type of computer, the type of disk, the number of disks, the number of heads, the head parking area (outside landing, internal landing) and other factors, unique fixed holes, pins, sockets, and other personalized design. Not only can fully fix the head but also It is beneficial to guide the magnetic head to safely and conveniently enter and exit the disc area or the parking rack, to maximize the operation safety of the “head” and simultaneously enhance the seismic capacity. The “head tool” has “synchronization” with good data recovery operation and “consistency” with real head separation.


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