Rt809h Universal Programmer for Motherboard BIOS Flash MCU LCD TV Memory


Nor, NAND, Emme, ecmcu, ISP

24 / 25 / 93 / 95 series serial SPI, fIash, EEPROM offline read and write;

26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 / 39 / 49 / 50 series nor fIash / Prom read / write;

To LCD / LED flat-panel TV, ISP, the mainstream display chip, read and write online;

Notebook computer motherboard it8 / kb90 / NPCE / meci6 series EC chip read and write;

TSOP48 and BGA package NAND fIash parameters automatic identification and offline reading and writing;

Online / offline EMMC identification, boot / user / RPMB / GPP area reading and writing

Most types of chips support intelligent recognition when reading and writing offline;

High speed USB interface, WHQL certified USB driver, read and speed up to 25mb / s


Standard configuration list of rt809h programmer

1: One host (one year warranty, there is a reserved interface on the programmer without adapter, and the programmer is powered by USB port)

2: One 48 foot simple board, one 8-16 foot simple seat

3: There is a USB 2.0 cable between programmer and computer

4: A VGA cable is connected between the programmer and the main board

Rt809h offline read / write memory automatically adjusts the voltage required by the chip

Rt809h Support List: LCD network TV EMMC NAND flash POS car navigation car audio mobile phone full font T8 series / kb90 series / mec16 series / NPCE series notebook EC read-write unlimited capacity TSOP48 tsop56 pin top8-16 pin LCD TV notebook motherboard BIOS notebook EC LCD screen chip read-write home appliance DVD memory SPD DDC / EDID read-write logic board read-write Serial port print information player read write network set top box

The reading and writing functions of EMMC include boot1 / boot2 / user / ext_ CSD / RPMB and other areas, that is, the real sense of the whole word library.


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