PC3000 flash extractor Data Repair Fixture Flywire Jump wire adapter

This is a “flywire/jump wire” fixture on an electronic circuit. It is mainly used to test the chip. When the SD card is repaired, the signal is used to pick up the “flywire/jump wire” fixture. Because the chip data is repaired, you may need to solder the flying lead. This may cause a great inconvenience that will damage your data card, so the development of such a set of electronic chip “flywire/jump wire” auxiliary fixture.


When repairing data, you may need to solder the flying leads, which may damage your data card and cause great inconvenience to the operation. In order to create a good tool for the majority of electronic engineers, we have developed this for you. Data repair shop tool, the needle can move up and down, up and down, you can also adjust the position. There are 10 sets of needles on our kits. If you need more needles, you can buy them separately. I hope this tool can help you.

How to use it?

Our latest tool for customers to develop: to make the corresponding matching circuit according to their own needs
This is essentially a flying line tool, but many customers can use it for data repair.

1,According to the number and position of the flying lines, the corresponding needles are loaded;


2,If you want to adjust the height of the needle, you can unscrew this first, and use the small hex wrench to extend the hole from the top to adjust the screw inside;


3,Here is the jumper, if necessary, solder a jumper cap here;


4,All the mouths are leaded here to concentrate;


5,High-speed signal, it is not recommended to use the concentrated port, usually with the port next to the needle holder


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