MSATA NGFF CFAST card Western Digital SFF8784 ASUS UX21 Lenovo X1 to SATA 6 in 1

$100.00 $80.00

MSATA+NGFF (SATA protocol) + CFAST card + Western Digital SFF8784 + ASUS UX21UX31 + Lenovo X1 to SATA adapter!

1 supports MSATA RAID0 solution (that is, dual master, such as Acer S7);
2 support Western Digital SFF8784 hard drive;
3 support ASUS UX21 UX31 hard drive;
4 support Lenovo X1 hard drive;
5 support CFAST card transfer;
6 supports normal MSTAT and NGFF (SATA protocol) transfer.
      Support terminal directly inserted, convenient for flying line or direct probe when terminal is needed
  These kinds are not common but may be used. There is basically no 6-in-one card on the market. It is not cheap to buy one!
Example 1:
Below: Solid state drive for MSATA dual-sided SATA solution for Acer S7:
This kind of MSATA solid state can only be recognized on the single adapter 64G or 128G to identify the other side. Of course, the fly line can also be used, but with this adapter card, the flying fly line can be avoided!
Example 2:
The following figure uses the SM2246 as the master CFAST card.
The CFAST card is very expensive, so I bought a minimum 16G as a test sample! The same master, the same capacity of the solid state a few dollars, a dozen dollars CFAST card will cost tens of dollars a few hundred dollars! The difference is 5 times faster than 10 times!
The CFAST card itself is compatible with the SATA protocol. A CFAST card reader is basically a hundred dollars or so. It is not convenient for us to recover data, whether it is bad or not, and there are many SM2246EN and SM2246XT solutions. , PC3000\MRT and other tools directly support virtual
Example 3:
SFF8784 interface and hard disk
Example 4:
ASUS UX21 UX31 hard drive transfer
I didn’t find the physical test, I used a normal NGFF (SATA) to UX21UX31 adapter board for testing.
Example 5 :
Lenovo X1 hard disk transfer, and UX21, I used a UX21 UX31 adapter card
Example 6:
Transfer of ordinary NGFF (SATA protocol)
Example 7:
Support COM terminal :


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