hard drive disk head replacement tools hdd head exchange tools

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The full set of head replacement tools support more and more, suitable for 2.5 inches 3.5 inch SAS SCSI and so on. Supports Seagate thin disk complete disk series and Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung and other magnetic heads docked inside the hard disk, easy to use and easy to operate. total 34pcs;

We often encounter the situation of replacing the head of the hard disk when making hard disk data recovery. Therefore, when it determines that the hard disk head is faulty, or when the head assembly needs to replace for other reasons, it can effectively ensure that the head assembly is safe during the moving operation. The company once again launched the world’s first “feature-only” open data recovery hard disk head assembly uninstall assistant. – Professional data recovery head replacement tool.
We provide the most comprehensive and meticulous service for our customers, and we are aiming at “Difficulty in unloading magnetic head components.” We have set up a special R&D team to conduct comprehensive research by technology and equipment development focusing on hard disk data recovery and server data recovery. The structure and characteristics of hard disks such as desktops and notebooks. Extensive data collection to restore the difficulties of front-end workers’ head assembly replacement, and in-depth analysis of the best material and shape of the head removal tool. In the end, the world’s first “unique feature” hard disk head replacement tool went on the market.
This “head tool” is efficient and more practical than the previously available head tools, with a wider range of support and more special use. Taking into account the type of computer, the type of disk, the number of disks, the number of heads, the head parking area (outside landing, internal landing) and other factors, unique fixed holes, pins, sockets, and other personalized design. Not only can fully fix the head but also It is beneficial to guide the magnetic head to safely and conveniently enter and exit the disc area or the parking rack, to maximize the operation safety of the “head” and simultaneously enhance the seismic capacity. The “head tool” has “synchronization” with good data recovery operation and “consistency” with real head separation.


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