Hard Drive USB to Sata Flywire Board for Data Recovery


In the data recovery or maintenance of a hard disk, we can always encounter solid-state disk and U disk, which cannot be recognized because a specific voltage cannot come out. At this time, the circuit needs to be repaired. Or find a flying wire with the same voltage; At ordinary times, regardless of virtual or maintenance, solid-state drives or USB flash drives are always prone to errors and ugly due to the placement of raw disks. This tiny board is suitable for the above situation
In the second half of 2019, the new WD disk 800069 800067 800041 810035 and other decryption boards are only used for firmware backup and splitting. Due to the new sed lock, the data area is encrypted, and the existing tools do not support decryption. They can only use the original board’s flying cable or the original board or the USB port of the original board to output data. This board is easy to fix, easy to fly, reduces mistakes, convenient and fast!
1 USB hard disk “flyboard”, suitable for USB board hard disk such as Western Digital Toshiba Samsung to SATA interface
2. At least 4 SATA data cables need to be welded for welding, and the power can be supplied through the original USB port
4. It is mainly used for pc3000 DFL MRT and other tools to process firmware and de
5. It has its hand screw, which can directly fix the to be treated 2 On the 5-inch hard disk
Six attached 10p ultra-soft high-temperature-resistant wire, convenient for everyone to use
7. The flight chart of the modified board is continuously added
The board has designed the function of the flying needle, but it is not mentioned in the function because the quality of the needle is not easy to control. You can experiment by yourself
Oneļ¼Œ description of flying wire (you understand it as a fixed SATA interface, and this board is just convenient for you to flywire)
The original USB PCB board needs to make the USB bridge chip inoperative when flying the wire. The method of removing the crystal oscillator of the bridge chip is often adopted. At the same time, it is necessary to isolate the signal output by the primary control from the bridge chip, that is, remove the four isolation capacitors of the SATA signal output by the primary control, which is also the flying point of the hard disk board!
Usage of flywire :
The power indicator C is powered by 5V and connected through the LED and resistor. The resistor can range from 1K to 10K. It doesn’t matter to cancel the indicator
SATA signals are defined as follows
1 GND ground (ground, generally connected to negative pole)
2 a transmit a+
3 A – transmit negative signal interface a-
4 GND ground (ground, generally connected to negative pole)
5 B – receive B-
6 B receive+
7 GND ground (ground, generally connected to negative pole)
Because we are used to using the WD board, we have the most contact, so it is marked as WD’s flying line point mark. Vg5321 represents power supply \ ground \ B + \ B – \ a – \ a +, that is, connect the four signal wires of SATA with the four flying wire points corresponding to the original USB board through the wire, and connect them to the SATA standard interface. The power supply can be flying wire, or it can be connected to the USB cable without welding power supply when the power supply of the original USB board is normal.
Please note: whether adding isolation capacitor or directly connecting with tin, this description refers to the upper and lower points in the figure, that is, the upper and lower points between AB, which is the same as E.
The AB pad can be welded with an isolation capacitor or 0-ohm resistance. If it is welded, the flying wire can be welded at B. if it is not welded, please weld at an (if there is a capacitor in the hard disk, take off the cable as long as possible)
If a 0-ohm resistor or direct tin connection is used in the frame ate, the four parts of 1″ \ 2 \ 3 \ 5 “can be used for flying needle. The actual test of the domestic flying needle is much worse, and the time of swinging needle is enough to weld several, which is of little significance.



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