Data recovery

Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional organizations engaged in data recovery in China. The founder, Bevan, has long been involved in computer research and has won awards such as the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Our technical team 50 people, independently researching and developing repair procedures, introducing domestic and foreign professional equipment and technology, setting up a 100-level dust-free laboratory (factory-level opening recovery environment) and parts library, standardizing service procedures, strengthening confidentiality measures, and repairing More than 100,000 successful cases. Over the years, with superb technology and peace of mind services, it has become a data recovery service provider designated by many governments, institutions, enterprises, and institutions. Shenzhen Data Recovery provides hard drive data recovery U, U.S., Germany, UK, Japan, Austria, Iran, and other countries. Disk data recovery, RAID data recovery, mobile phone data recovery, server database recovery, SD card data recovery, and all related data recovery services.
We focus on logical failures (such as formatting, accidental deletion, incorrect partitioning, incorrect cloning, virus destruction, etc.) and hardware failures (such as bad sectors) of various storage media such as servers, minicomputers / virtual machines, hard disks, mobile phones, and USB flash drives. Recovery, firmware repair, head damage, motor not rotating, etc.).
With our unique technology and sincere service, we can help you retrieve vital data.

Our popular tool software is as follows:

pc-3000 Express is a comprehensive professional hard disk repair and data recovery tool developed by the famous Russian hard disk laboratory-ACE Laboratory.

pc-3000 Flash is a comprehensive professional SSD / Flash / CF / SD card data recovery tool developed by the famous Russian hard disk laboratory-ACE Laboratory

Flash extractor is a professional FLASH data recovery tool that can recover data from corrupted FLASH devices.

PC-3000 SAS repair server hard drive firmware, can be used to repair SAS SCSI hard drive

External interface support: 4 * SAS This type of interface must be able to connect and operate the failed hard disk.
Its ability to recover 4 failed hard drives simultaneously. Support multiple data transmission modes; each port data read speed is not less than 250M / S. The maximum transmission peak is 300M / S.
It has no less than 4 independent hard disk power control channels.
Support failed hard disk size: 2.5 3.5 inches server hard disk
Supports firmware repair of the server failed hard drives.

PC-3000 SSD is one of the data recovery software developed by ACE Russia. It uses PC3000 Express, UMDA-E, and PC-3000 Portable as the hardware platform. It can freely convert the operation interface of mechanical hard disks and firmware hard disk and supports solid hard drives from different manufacturers. It can diagnose and repair all kinds of firmware problems. It is the only data recovery tool in the industry that supports solid-state drives.

Free consultation and testing, no data recovery for unsuccessful data recovery, can sign a confidentiality agreement, data can not cause secondary damage, Saturday and Sunday without rest 24 hours a day, engineers online free service…