HING DAHL company
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.Quicklogic company FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· XILINX series FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· ATMEL company series FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· Lattice - VantisFPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· ST company series FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· ACTEL FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
Series · ALTERA FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· Cypress FPGA/CPLD chip decryption
· WINBOND (HuaBang) SCM decryption
· HOLTEK (hetai) SCM decryption
· INTEL (INTEL) SCM decryption
· EMC (YiLong) SCM decryption
· MDT (McCann) SCM decryption
· STC series microcontroller decryption
· ATMEL 51 series microcontroller decryption
· ATMEL AVR microcontroller decryption
· CYPRESS, CYPRESS) SCM decryption
· MASK (MASK) SCM decryption
· SYNCMOS (new alum) SCM decryption
· of clever (NTK) series microcontroller decryption
· Sonix (pine John) SCM decryption
· ten speed (TENX) series microcontroller decryption
· HITACHI (HITACHI) SCM decryption
· PuTai (PORTEK) series microcontroller decryption
· ZiLOG series microcontroller decryption
· Xilinx (" spirit think) series microcontroller decryption
· TI (Texas instruments) MSP430 MCU decryption
· TI (Texas instruments) series DSP chip decryption
· ST (stmicroelectronics) series microcontroller decryption
· SST SCM decryption
· PHILIPS () SCM decryption
· MXIC company series single chip microcomputer decryption
· MICROCHIP (MICROCHIP) series microcontroller decryption
· Megawin (sheng spring) SCM decryption
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· Feeling (fly forest) SCM decryption


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